We ask that you read through this thoroughly and once you have decided to go through with purchasing a puppy from us please contact me with any questions.

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never have health-related problems. Should such problems arise with your puppy, a veterinarian verification describing the cause of the puppy’s illness or death is required. You must also return the puppy to our location. We reserve the right to verify the findings of your veterinarian with an independent examination, at our expense.  In the case of a death, our veterinarian shall perform a post mortem to verify your veterinarian determination. If congenital defects are indicated, your puppy will be replaced from our own stock as soon as a puppy is available to kennel. Should the buyer choose to accept a replacement puppy, the buyer will return the defective puppy, less any shipping or miscellaneous charges. We guarantee the puppy until 1 year of age against any life threatening congenital defects of heart, lung, or liver. This guarantee does not cover accident, injury or mishandling, or non-genetic disease, illness or defect, including but not limited to:  Worms and Parasites, such as Coccidia and Giardia these can lie dormant and are treatable. Hypoglycemia- This is a preventable condition. We recommend Nutrical that you can purchase from your vet. Umbilical or inguinal hernia- This is common in puppies and will usually disappear by 6 months of age. Under or over bite- These can develop anytime during growth and are not forseeable. No refunds will be made if such bite develops. Ear Mites, Worms, or Fleas are not grounds to return a puppy. Your puppy can be stressed out by shipping, adjusting to new home, etc. This could bring on Coccidiosis, Giardia, Hypoglycemia, ect. All are very common with stress. We have no control. We make no guarantees on a Puppies size, color, personality, temperament, fertility, or show ability. All of our puppies are sold as pets only, if you decide to show or breed your puppy, then we, as the breeders are not liable.

Our Return Policy

The seller will not accept any return of a pet, including but not limited to allergy, illness of buyer, landlord/tenant, marital, or adjustment problems, etc. However, we are not responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the buyer, nor do we pay the vet bills,. Except, as specifically above, we make no warrant or guarantee as to the health disposition of your puppy.


 Shipping includes: Wellness check from our vet and puppy food. Your puppy will be in a temperature controlled environment from the time he or she leaves our arms until they reach yours. Depending on the airport you will pick up the puppy at baggage claim. Shipping is an additional $500.00

Hollywood Puppy Palace offers incredible Door to Door puppy delivery right to your house either vehicle or air. They guarantee your pup will arrive clean, happy and white glove taken care of. Prices vary on mileage distance, gas prices and airfare.

Customer Service

We endeavor to answer any questions that you may have about your puppy now or in the years to come. We are just a phone call away! We hope you and your new puppy will enjoy a long and happy life together.


We will be glad to hold a puppy for you, but can only do so with a 500.00 deposit, which goes towards the purchase price. Without the deposit we cannot guarantee the puppy you want will still be available. This deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. Once you’re ready to make a deposit please contact me.

Making A Payment

We accept checks, cashier checks, money orders and cash. Full payments have to be received when the puppy turns 8 weeks old. The cost of shipping is $500.00. That cost will be added to the purchase price of the puppy. If you choose our White Glove delivery service, that cost will vary.

Choosing  A Puppy

We are so pleased that you stopped by to see our puppies. We consider your interest in choosing one of our Puppies a compliment.  We strive to maintain our integrity by providing you with loving companions.

If you would like to purchase one of our upcoming or currently available puppies, you may place a non-refundable deposit on the puppy of your choice.  A non-refundable deposit  is required to reserve a puppy. Please consider all aspects of bringing a new puppy into your home before you place a deposit, as no exceptions will be made to our non-refundable deposit policy. By placing a deposit, you are making a serious commitment to give a permanent and loving home to one of our puppies.

The price of each of our  puppies is determined on an individual basis and may be adjusted up or down based on variety of color, markings, size, and pedigree. Early selection and deposits are recommended as we accept a limited number of deposits for each of our litters.

If you choose to have your name placed on our deposit waiting list we will notify you upon the arrival of our new litters, as to whether a puppy has been born that meets your color/gender/size preference. Deposit waiting list customers must select their puppy before 4 weeks of age. All available puppies that have not been selected by deposit waiting list customers will be posted on our nursery page when they are 4 weeks old.



“When a puppy is in your life, there is always a reason to laugh.”

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