Keith thank you so much, for the amazing life changing chapter in my life called “Fynn”, yes as in Huckleberry Fynn. And he has lived up to that name, this boy! He is like a little movie star, I can’t take him anywhere without people mobbing me LOL wanting to take pics and videos of him saying he’s the cutest pup they’ve seen and where did I get him?…..He loves people and so friendly. He’ll be demanding his star on the sidewalk of Hollywood here soon !

I love him so much and he has given me so many giggles, chuckles , unconditional love when I so needed it. He’s beyond smart and knows exactly how to bring those moments to me every time . My family absolutely adores him and I have to keep a watch out after them, for  they constantly want to kidnap him from me, LOL !  They are crazy about him as well, so I guess one of your incredible Maltipoos will end up under the Christmas tree for them this year . HA!  You were there when I got my forever and ever Fynn, to answer all my questions and give me more great suggestions on your own, and you have gone beyond the call of duty in the last 6 months, I couldn’t have done it without you. Plus have enjoyed your friendship too, many laughs you’ve given me. Such a great person to have gotten Fynn from. He has changed my life and yes to everyone who is reading this, I have a little girl coming from Keith in a week and half, WoooHooo!! Thats how much I trust his puppies. He gives them lots of love, care and attention bringing them into this new life.  This is the best puppy ever and maltipoos are such an incredible breed of dog, so smart and loving.  I show Fynn a trick or when training him, he gets it within 5-6 times .

Soooo….. if you’re wanting a beautiful experience of laughs, love and memories, this is absolutely the way to write your new chapter . A family’s best friend.

Shelley ~WA State

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